August 2019 NEWSLETTER

Dear Fellow Travelers,

It has been some time since we communicated with you and we hope you all have been healthy, safe and happy in the interval. There has not been a great deal to write about though time seems to be accelerating in retirement. Louise and I continue to devote considerable time to the Annual MSA Congress, this year the 22ndĀ Annual one was held at the University of Crete with over 200 participants, the largest ever. Ben taught a Lifelong Learning Course in Florida on THE HOLY LAND AND THE CRUSADES and team taught a course for Second Half with Tony Miraglia on THE ORIGINS OF MODERN PORTUGAL. We had intended to do a tour to Portugal in October but unfortunately the tour did not get in the Second Half Catalog as planned and registrations were very slow in developing so the tour was cancelled.


We intend to do a tour in October 2020, and while the venue decision is not yet etched in stone, we are giving serious thoughts to doing Morocco. This October after Louise and I complete a contract working for Seabourn Cruise Line from Dublin to Lisbon we are going to Morocco. The plan is to organize a Congress Post Tour for the MSA after the 23rdĀ Annual Congress at the University of Gibraltar next May. For the past 15 years Louise and I have conducted a five-day Post Congress for 30-40 of our colleagues as a fund raiser for the MSA. During our visit this October we will decide if a 9-day MSA Cultural Tour would be feasible in October 2020.

Related to that possible tour, Tony Miraglia and I are giving serious consideration to proposing a Second Half Lifelong Learning Course on the History and Art of Morocco. It would be a course with a rich tapestry of topics in both history and art. Historically, I would deal with Carthaginian and Roman Morocco, the arrival of Islam, the Berber invasion of Spain, and the role of Morocco in the Spanish Civil War. Tony would have a treasure of artistic subjects to cover from Roman temples and mosaics, architecture from the era of the Almoravids and Almohad, and the magnificent artistic mosques and palaces of Morocco. Both the tour and course are works in progress, but we will keep you informed.

In the meantime, Louise and I wish you a most happy summer,

Louise & Ben Taggie

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